Wednesday, 16 July 2014

REVISION: ISME Sistema SIG News Update #22

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

With profuse apologies for causing confusion in my last news update!

This is what I now (16/7/2014) understand is currently in place for Sistema-related sessions (NB this includes changes that are not on the website). If you find something is still confusing, do not worry, we can sort it out on Monday morning at the opening session.

·         Monday July 21st 08.30 Sistema opening session: Room 501, Building 50 – please attend to help shape the rest of your conference plans! Session Organisers R Hallam, G Mota

·         Monday to Thursday, formal and informal networking and meetings as decided during the opening session;

·         Monday July 21st 16.30 Sistema Seminar 1: Room 502, Building 50; National Identity – how can we learn from each other internationally? Session organiser R Hallam

·         Tuesday July 22nd 15.30 Spoken Paper: Room 409, Building 50; Globalising El Sistema L Silberman

·         Wednesday July 23rd 16.30 Sistema Seminar 2: Room 413, Building 50; The principles and practices of pedagogy within El Sistema and Sistema-inspired programmes. Session organiser A Creech

·         Thursday July 24th 08.30 Sistema Seminar 3: Room 411, Building 50; Music and social-inclusion – in the shadow of Venezuela’s El Sistema. Session organiser G Mota

·         Friday July 25th 08.30 Sistema presentation 1: Room 411, Building 50; A study on the self-efficacy beliefs of the participants at the musical education project El Sistema V Kruger, R Cardoso De Araujo

·         Friday July 25th 09.00 Sistema presentation 2: Room 411, Building 50; El Sistema and an American Charter Laboratory School: A Model for Academic, Musical, and Social Development B Kaufman

·         Friday July 25th 09.30 Sistema presentation 3: Room 411, Building 50; Music, Curriculum and the Challenges of El Sistema: investigating the Guatemalan Case J Nitsch

·         Friday July 25th 10.30 Sistema Seminar 4: Room 411, Building 50; Is there a Place for Sistema in Indigenous Communities E Sandoval (NB this session will involve additional discussion resulting from discussions at the opening session on Monday morning at 08.30)

·         Friday July 25th 14.00 Sistema presentation 4: Room 411, Building 50; Music Education and Social Inclusion: A case study on management and financing activities Systems Youth Orchestras in school communities I Mendes Krüger

·         Friday July 25th 14.30 Sistema presentation 5: Room 411, Building 50; Evaluation of Orchestra Education Program for Underprivileged Children in Korea: Allkidstra W Yu, H Cho, H Rhee

·         Friday July 25th 15.00 Sistema presentation 6: Room 411, Building 50; …But can El Sistema work outside Venezuela? Moving beyond ‘transposability’ M Sarazin.

·         Friday July 25th 15.30 Sistema Closing Session; Session Organisers: R Hallam, G Mota

With all good wishes and wishing you safe arrival in Porto Alegre.


Richard J Hallam MBE


ISME Sistema SIG Chair

MEC Chair

SE Director and Trustee




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