Tuesday, 22 October 2013



Pałac Młodzieży in Bydgoszcz (YOUTH CENTRE) invites to the participation in international festival  - 37th Bydgoszcz Musical Impressions which be held in July, from 30th June to 5th July, 2014 . The festival is organized under auspices of Ministry of National Education and Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Just we hosted the groups from 36 countries.

We offer the participation in the competition and  integrating and recreation program(concerts, national evening, a parade, a  sightseeing in the Bydgoszcz and the region, a gymnic hall and a swimming pool). The participants of the XXXVII Bydgoszcz Musical Impressions can be youth groups:

  • choirs
  • orchestras
  • instrumental groups
  • vocal and instrumental groups
  • jazz and popular music groups
  • folkloristic groups
  • old music groups
  • other forms (vocal groups, rock bands for example)


-          age of participants- no more than 25 years ,  band of folkloristic groups can be older

-           only live music, the playback is forbidden

-          Polish piece in repertoire of competition obligatory

-          accreditation fee- 60 euro or 260 PLN per person

The detailed information (full version of regulations, application and  the gallery) will be available in website www.bim.palac.bydgoszcz.pl (English version)

We invite for the cooperation.

Mrs. Beata Przybojewska, secretary of BIM





Wednesday, 16 October 2013

MSA Student Prize - Announcement of a 2nd prize for 2013


MSA Student Prize 2013


We are happy to announce that for the joint MSA/NZMS conference, Brisbane, November 2013, a second prize to the value of $300 will be on offer, in addition to a first prize of $500.


This second prize has been kindly funded by the New Zealand Musicological Society, and eligibility for both prizes has been extended to include New Zealand as well as Australian students.


Please see the revised notification as follows.


MSA/NZMS Prizes for Student Delegates presenting at the National Conference in Brisbane, November 2013

For 2013, two cash prizes of $500 and $300 respectively will recognise excellence in the research endeavours of a student member of the Musicological Society of Australia or the New Zealand Musicological Society presenting a scholarly work at a National Conference. Submissions will be judged on their scholarly content and argument as well as their presentation.

Students are eligible to enter if they are either:

  • Studying in an Australian or New Zealand Institution of Higher Education; or
  • Australian or New Zealand citizens studying overseas.

Entrants must be financial members of the MSA or the NZMS at the time of the conference.

Entrants should supply, sent in an email:

  1. Name and contact details (home address, email, mobile);
  2. Institution and course;
  3. Contact details of your principal supervisor;
  4. Title of your paper as it has been approved by the Program Committee;
  5. A copy of the paper in Microsoft Word, RTF or PDF format attached to this email, and supporting material as may be required; Powerpoint presentations need not be submitted;
  6. The main file of your paper should include your abstract as approved by the Program Committee and a bibliography/reference list.

Deadline: Midnight EST, Monday, 11 November 2013

Entries should be sent to:
 John Phillips, MSA Awards Committee Chair, jphil@iprimus.com.au. Immediate confirmation of receipt of your entry will be sent.

The Prize will be announced on the final day of the conference, Thursday, 21 November 2013. Further details will be found in the conference booklet.

For further information please see the MSA Guidelines for this Award, http://www.msa.org.au/about/grants-bursaries-prizes/student-prize/ , noting in addition to this the following: 

1.     1. Re 4.4 of the guidelines: While leeway exists for differing presentation styles, the submitted paper should be largely the same length as the read version. Please do not submit 10,000-word research reports. Powerpoint presentations are not acceptable as submitted papers and need not be submitted in advance; they do, however, count significantly towards the marks allotted for the presentation.

2.     2. Re 4.7: Joint student-supervisor papers will not be accepted for the award. Other forms of joint authorship, such as the involvement of an indigenous presenter or an interviewee, are acceptable.

We warmly welcome student delegates to enter for these prestigious awards.

With best wishes,

John Phillips

Awards Chair

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

ISME Sistema News Update #15

Dear all,


ISME World conference submission deadline extension

In case you missed it, the deadline for submissions for posters and presentations was extended to November 1st so there is now just two weeks left to submit for the World conference in Porto Alegre, Brazil, from July 20 to 25th 2014. We have some excellent submissions relating to Sistema inspired projects but there is always room for more and, of course, we are all interested in other areas or music education related work so do share what you are doing by submitting a poster or a presentation or a workshop www.isme.org


Sistema England

Sistema England has secured a grant from Youth Music to spotlight best practice. Building on lessons learned from their visit to Venezuela in January 2013, colleagues from a number of English projects will be evaluating the changes they made to their own programmes after applying some of what they learned from seeing Sistema in action. Over the next year they will be exploring and evaluating further adjustments. The intention is to produce podcasts and share information through social media. Watch this space for further information. www.ihse.org.uk


Superar Austria

Superar Austria is coordinating an El Sistema European Development Project (ESEDP) which, together with colleagues from Italy and England will provide support for colleagues throughout Europe, train teachers and provide further networking opportunities. More news to follow in due course. http://superar.eu/


We are also looking at calendars for 2014 and planning events so do share anything that you are doing.


North America

The attached October issue of The Ensemble focuses on a two day meeting about the U.S. El Sistema-inspired movement that happened recently in Cambridge, Mass. The front page is dedicated to this topic and invites you to read all the notes from the meeting [http://goo.gl/xhkM90] and jump into follow-up conversations about the subjects that were raised. The authors hope you will put your energy into emerging efforts to activate participation in the national movement, and join in nationally-focused projects that raise the level of all our programs. As the article states: "We advance together, or we struggle alone."


This reflects the spirit of El Sistema I have experienced throughout the world – what unites colleagues, stemming from the example set by the Venezuelans, is an openness and willingness to share freely, to collaborate with a generosity of spirit for the greater good.



Richard J Hallam MBE

mobile 07850 634 239

phone 01908 690078



Monday, 7 October 2013

Status of Arts Education within UNESCO's Priorities - Online Petition initiated by Yvette Hardy, South Africa

Ensure Creativity remains a UNESCO priority!
It has been widely recognized that creativity is the vital ingredient that needs to be cultivated if we are all to survive and flourish in this 21st Century.

"Creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status" says noted educationalist, Ken Robinson. One of the best ways to nurture creativity is through arts education, something which should be available to every child. Creativity is urgently needed to promote economic, social and cultural development and to generate solutions to the numerous challenges facing the world today.

UNESCO has been busy analyzing and ranking the areas of their work by priority, with those areas that receive the lowest ranking being marked for elimination. The Creativity programme, within which arts education falls, was ranked at the very bottom of UNESCO's 48 priority areas and is at risk of elimination. If this happens, UNESCO's invaluable work in this area, including the Road Map for Arts Education, the World Conferences for Arts Education, the International Arts Education week, and all the other projects related to both arts education and creativity in the broadest sense, will be terminated and will no longer receive support. An additional consequence will be to give our governments yet another excuse to de-prioritise Arts Education and to deny both promotion of and access to the arts for children and young people.

However, this situation is not hopeless, if action is taken. When the Member States meet at the November General Conference of UNESCO, they will be the ultimate decision makers. If we can convince our national delegations that creativity should be accorded a higher ranking, we can prevent it from being eliminated.

We urge you to sign this petition requesting, in the strongest terms, that UNESCO keeps Creativity and Arts Education as a fundamental priority within its work. We also ask you to contact the National Commissions of UNESCO within your own countries to express your urgent concern about the future of creativity as a priority within UNESCO programming, to seek their advice and to ask them to co-operate.

A list of National Commissions, including the names and contact information of current Presidents/Chairs and Secretary-Generals can be found at the following site: http://www.unesco.org/nac/index.php?lc=E&module=national_commissions&showall=1

Thank you for being a part of this critical movement

Sent by Avaaz on behalf of Yvette's petition
Dr. Ernst Wagner

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen Nürnberg
UNESCO-Lehrstuhl Kulturelle Bildung
Koordination der Lehrstuhlaktivitäten
Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
UNESCO Chair in Arts and Culture in Education
Executive Coordinator
Bismarckstr. 1 a, R. 2.024, D-91023 Erlangen

Friday, 4 October 2013

The ISME website is now powered by Google Translate!

The ISME website is now powered by Google Translate and speaks many
more languages (besides the language of MUSIC!!!!)

We know that automatic translation can never be perfect, but did you
know that you could help improve it? Google translate is accepting
suggestions (for more information see:

Spread the word!!!

[Health and Wellness SIG] News

ISME Musicians' Health and Wellness

Special Interest Group

We want to notify the ISME membership of these upcoming meetings devoted to the topic of musicians' health and wellness taking place around the world.  Add these events to your calendar and if you are available, we hope you will choose to attend.


October 26, 2013

11th Symposium

Swiss Association for Music Medicine 

Zurich, Switzerland



January 26-February 2, 2014

Havana, Cuba

Health and Safety in the Arts Program


February 8-9, 2014

PAMA (Performing Arts Medicine

Association) Regional Meeting

Royal Conservatory of Music

Toronto, Canada



March 7-9, 2014

PAMA (Performing Arts Medicine

Association) Regional Meeting

University of South Florida

Tampa, FL   USA



March 21, 2014

PAMA (Performing Arts Medicine

Association) Regional Meeting

Chicago Downtown Marriott Hotel

Chicago, IL USA


March 22, 2014

MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) and PAMA 

Pedagogy Saturday

MTNA National Conference

"A Pioneering Partnership to Keep Musicians Performing"

Chicago Downtown Marriott Hotel

Chicago, IL  USA



Wednesday, 2 October 2013

World Voice Bulletin Vol. 2



Dear colleagues,


As autumn and the new term have arrived we wanted to update you about some exciting developments in the World Voice programme.  There may have been a heat wave this summer, but the team have been working hard to expand the project and introduce the concept of learning through song to children around the globe.



Artistic Director Richard Frostick travels to India to begin the legacy work following his week of workshops in March.


We start the search for 10 UK-based Master Trainers to take part in two days of training Cardiff, with a view to increasing our capacity here in the UK and overseas.


Three more countries join the World Voice family for 2013/14.  We're delighted to welcome Ethiopia, Argentina and Sudan into the fold.


Research underway in Chile and Jordan to investigate how World Voice might effectively be rolled out in these countries.



India and Senegal

You may remember from our last bulletin that the project's next step was to return to India and Senegal, to build upon our work there.  World Voice Artistic Director, Richard Frostick has just come back from a legacy visit to India where he and India World Voice Champion, Mohit Chauhan, worked with a selection of teachers from state and private schools.  Richard trained teachers in the techniques which were so successfully used with Indian school children earlier in the year.  Both Mohit and Richard were excited to see the enthusiasm with which the project has continued to be greeted (check out pictures on the British Council's Music team's new website when it goes live later this month). 


Richard will be returning to India once more in early October, when he will support new trainers as they begin to roll out the programme. Meanwhile, the Senegal team are planning their own legacy visit, as Richard will travelling to Dakar at the end of October / beginning of November.


UK Master Trainers

If we can find a single fault with our marvellous Artistic Director, Richard, it's that there is only one of him.  His legacy trips to countries ensure that techniques and skills are passed on to teachers who can act as in-country trainers, enabling them to communicate the skills they have learnt.  Through training teachers to be trainers thousands of young people in the countries we work with will have access to new learning methods. 


Back in the UK, Richard and the World Voice team are looking for ten UK-based Master Trainers (from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) to form a team of UK Master Trainers.  Those invited to be part of the team will take part in a two-day training workshop in Cardiff.  As further funding is secured, these Master Trainers will go out into their regions, and potentially overseas, to train other teachers as World Voice expands. This will ensure we continue to cascade the learning and resources from this programme, bringing World Voice to more young people in the UK and abroad.


Three new World Voice countries

The World Voice team are enormously pleased to be working with teachers and pupils in three new countries in 2013/14.  Continuing the programme's Overseas Development Assistance focus, Bridget Whyte, our project manager, has just returned from a scoping trip to Ethiopia, while Sudan and Argentina are making preparations for our first visits.  We are also thrilled to announce that Seleshi Demissie (aka Gash Aberra Molla) will be our Ethiopia World Voice Champion.


Research in Chile and Jordan

Before we start work in Jordan, and indeed in other Middle Eastern countries, we need to explore methods of working and ways to approach schools and ministries that are most effective in these areas. We have therefore commissioned research to be undertaken, and it is likely that Richard will be running workshops in Jordanian schools and possibly Syrian refugee camps near the Jordanian-Syrian border in 2014.


World Voice will arrive in Chile in mid-2014 allowing time for the Chilean national elections to have taken place and any changes in administration to have settled in.  Research is currently underway to ensure that when work does begin we have involvement from all relevant partners and can fulfil the programme's potential in this region.


Other countries we are talking to include Bangladesh, Brazil and Burma – with an aim to have started work in at least 15 countries by 2015 (and we promise to make sure we don't just work in countries beginning with the letter B!)


The World Voice Songbook

Here in the UK one of the most important elements and assets of our work is the World Voice Songbook.  As well as collecting songs from the countries we work with – focusing on children's traditional songs in native languages, we need to ensure that all countries of the United Kingdom are represented within this virtual book.


Over the next few months we will be adding at least two Welsh and Northern Irish songs.  Through conversations with key partners we hope to record these songs and exhibit them on the British Council Schools Online website: http://schoolsonline.britishcouncil.org/projects-and-resources/world-voice by the end of October.



As we continue to expand this exciting programme we would welcome your ongoing support and advice. If you have a moment to feedback on the news stories above and / or some of these questions below we'd really appreciate it.


?         Have you used any of the World Voice songs or resources yet?  If so, what was the outcome and/or what comments would you like to make to help us going forward?

?         How do you think the British Council could help you link with schools overseas through song more effectively?

?         What do you think of World Voice's online presence?  Do you feel there is anything missing from the Schools Online World Voice songs and resources section?



We hope you will want to continue to support our work through receiving these bulletins and providing us with feedback.


Happy New School Year!


Hannah (World Voice Administrator) and the World Voice team



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