Sunday, 20 November 2011

IMC award

IMC Musical Rights Awards
Thanks to the nomination by ISME, the Project titled "Teaching
Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong Schools" was selected by an international
panel of the International Music Council (IMC) to receive one of the
Musical Rights Awards 2011. The Awards aim to encourage international
organization to promote the five musical rights advocated by the IMC,
the right for all children and adults
     - to express themselves musically in all freedom
     - to learn musical languages and skills
     - to have access to musical involvement through participation,
listening, creation, and information
. the right for musical artists
     - to develop their artistry and communicate through all media,
with proper facilities at their disposal
     - to obtain just recognition and remuneration for their work
The Presentation Ceremony was held at the 4th IMC World Forum on Music
held in Tallinn, Estonia on 27 September 2011. Judy Thönell, ISME
Secretary General and Bo Wah Leung, Project Leader attended the
ceremony and received the award.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Important news from UNESCO

The 36th Session of the General Conference of UNESCO agreed to:


1.       Adopt and support the The Seoul Agenda: Goals for the Development of Arts Education

2.       Designate the fourth week of May as International Week of Arts Education

3.       Support a Third World Conference on Arts Education.


The full resolutions as recorded at the UNESCO General Council are outlined below (Thanks to Canadian and German Commissions for UNESCO)


The World Alliance for Arts Education (WAAE: International Drama Education Association, International Society for Education in Art, International Society for Music Education and World Dance Alliance) has been active in developing and advocating for these initiatives.


Thanks go to the Korean Arts and Culture Education Services (KACES) and the Korean delegation at the 36th UNESCO General Conference for their advocacy for arts education during the conference in Paris. A statement from KACES re the announcement may be found at


2012 will see the inaugural celebration of the International week of Arts Education


Item 5.13 – Implementation of the "Seoul Agenda: Goals for the Development of Arts Education", outcome document of the Second World Conference on Arts Education


The General Conference,


Recalling 35 C/Resolution 40 on the promotion of arts education,


Taking into consideration 185 EX/Decision 44,


Having examined document 36 C/55,


1. Welcomes the positive results of the First and Second World Conferences on Arts Education (held in March 2006 and May 2010) which highlighted the importance of high-quality arts education for all and of strengthening cooperation among various stakeholders (national authorities, local governments, teachers, artists, researchers associations and NGOs) and through the network of UNESCO Arts Education Observatories and Chairs to the development of best practices and the reinforcement of the position of arts education in schools and in societies;


2. Invites Member States to ensure the follow-up to the Second World Conference by employing the strategies proposed in the Seoul Agenda and by implementing in a concerted manner the action items set out therein for the renewal of education systems;


3. Requests the Director-General to provide support for the mobilization of extrabudgetary resources for the holding of the Third World Conference on Arts Education and to ensure appropriate intersectoral cooperation between the Culture and Education Sectors of UNESCO in promoting and integrating arts education, in particular in the context of the education for all (EFA) and education for sustainable development (ESD) plans;


4. Decides to proclaim the fourth week of May as the International Arts Education Week and to encourage all Member States, civil society, professional organizations and communities to organize relevant activities on that occasion at the national, regional and international levels.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

2012 ISME-GIBSON Awards

Announcement: 2012 ISME–Gibson International Awards for Music Education

This announcement can be downloaded here. [help]

Aims of the Award

On the occasion of the 30th ISME World Conference on Music Education, Thessaloniki, Greece (July 15-20, 2012), the International Society for Music Education and Gibson Foundation are proud to announce the 2012 ISME–Gibson International Awards for Music Education.


These prestigious awards are open to educators and institutions that have particularly distinguished themselves in the field of music education within Greece. The awards recognize outstanding achievement and service in the discipline, thereby providing acknowledgment for exemplary music educators and or institutions whose work enriches music education in Greece and serves as an exemplar for the ideals of music education internationally.

Number of Awards

Up to two awards will be presented at the 30th ISME World Conference on Music Education.

Nomination Details

All nominations must contain the following information:

  1. first and last name, title, contact details (home address, e-mail and telephone number), as well as a short Curriculum Vitae of the candidate or institution proposed;
  2. reasons for presenting the nominee;
  3. reference to precise examples of the work carried out by the nominee in the field of music education (possibly supported by audiovisual recordings, testimonies, etc.);
  4. names and contact details of those presenting the nomination (who must be regularly paid-up members of the Greek Society for Music Education for the year 2012); and
  5. other relevant information that may support the nomination.

Nominations for candidates should be e-mailed no later than February 1, 2012 to the Chair of the ISME–Gibson Awards Committee, Gary McPherson ( who will duly confirm receipt. All supporting papers and multimedia documents must be submitted online using the same email address.

Award Procedure

The preliminary assessment of nominations will be made by the Awards Group for Gibson Awards (AGGA) who will liaise with the Greek Society for Music Education (GSME) to make a final recommendation to the ISME President and Nina Miller (Gibson) on the two awards, reserving the right to assign no awards should the suitable requisites be lacking.

The two awards will be presented during the 30th ISME World Conference on Music Education, to be held in Thessaloniki, Greece (July 15-20). Each recipient will be eligible to receive funding of US$10,000 for an approved project that provides opportunities that would not otherwise exist for children to learn, experience and actively participate in music. Funding applications will be considered after the award has been conferred.

The International Society for Music Education believes that lived experiences of music, in all their many aspects, are a vital part of the life of all people. Established in 1953 under the auspices of UNESCO, the Society leads and supports music education worldwide.

Founded in 2002, the Gibson Foundation is committed to making the world a better place for children by creating, developing and supporting programs and other non-profit organizations in their efforts to advance education, music and the arts, the environment, and health and welfare causes. For further information, visit the Gibson Foundation at