Friday, 11 July 2014

ISME Sistema SIG News Update #21

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


Less than two weeks to go before many of us will be meeting again in Brazil. Whether or not you are able to join us in Brazil, this email is relevant to you!


First, my two year period as Chair of the ISME Sistema Special Interest Group will come to an end at the conference, though I will still contribute to the group in any way that I can. Thank you to everyone for all the kind words, encouragement and for the generosity with which you have shared information.


Second, my efforts were only possible because of the wonderful work Theodora put in to establish the group in the first place. Theodora will continue to contribute and Graça, who has also been involved from the beginning, will take over as chair through to 2016.


Please contact Graça or me if you want to become more actively involved in any way with ISME’s Sistema Special Interest Group.


During the conference we will be discussing ‘what next?’ for the ISME Sistema SIG.


If you are coming to conference, please do some thinking in advance and join in with the formal and informal networking that is planned during the week so that we can benefit from your considered views.


If you are NOT coming to the conference, please let me have any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, that you want to contribute by Wednesday July 16th and I will ensure that these are shared with colleagues and fully considered at conference when we have our discussions.


The conference schedule is still subject to change, but this is what I understand is currently in place for Sistema-related sessions (NB this already includes two proposed changes that are not on the website):


·         Monday July 21st 08.30 Sistema opening session: Room 501, Building 50 – please attend to help shape the rest of your conference plans!

·         Monday to Thursday, formal and informal networking and meetings as decided during the opening session;

·         Monday July 21st 16.30 Sistema Seminar 1: Room 501, Building 50;

·         Wednesday July 23rd 16.30 Sistema Seminar 2: Room 413, Building 50;

·         Thursday July 24th 16.30 Sistema Seminar 3: Room 411, Building 50;

·         Friday July 25th 08.30 Sistema presentation 1: Room 411, Building 50;

·         Friday July 25th 09.00 Sistema presentation 2: Room 411, Building 50;

·         Friday July 25th 09.30 Sistema presentation 3: Room 411, Building 50;

·         Friday July 25th 10.30 Sistema Seminar 4: Room 411, Building 50;

·         Friday July 25th 14.00 Sistema presentation 4: Room 411, Building 50;

·         Friday July 25th 14.30 Sistema presentation 5: Room 411, Building 50;

·         Friday July 25th 15.00 Sistema presentation 6: Room 411, Building 50;

·         Friday July 25th 15.30 Sistema Closing Session


Looking forward to hearing from you if you are not attending conference, and meeting with you in Brazil, if you are attending conference.


With all good wishes




Richard J Hallam MBE


ISME Sistema SIG Chair

MEC Chair

SE Director and Trustee



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