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[SEMPRE Conference] Researching Music, Technology & Education: critical insights

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SEMPRE Conference

Researching Music, Technology & Education: critical insights

3-4 April 2014


International Music Education Research Centre (iMerc)
Institute of Education, University of London


Conference Chairs:     Dr Evangelos Himonides, iMerc

                                    Dr Andrew King, University of Hull


Keynote speakers:      Professor Ian Cross, University of Cambridge

                                    Professor David Howard, University of York



Following the great success of its inaugural conference held by the University of Hull in 2010, this two-day conference will be hosted by the Department of Culture, Communication & Media, Institute of Education, University of London.


Although the 'musicking' humanity has been reliant on technology from the very beginning of its musical 'journey', we cannot deny that, nowadays, technology changes, develops, and its role is being redefined at a dramatically greater rate. This SEMPRE conference aims to celebrate technology's challenging role(s) and provide a platform for critical discourse and the presentation of scholarly work in the broader fields of digital technologies in:

      music composition and creation

      music performance

      music production (recording, studio work, archival and/or communication of music)

      diverse musical genres (e.g. popular, classical, world, etc.)


      real world praxial contexts (e.g. classroom, studio, etc.)

      assessment of musical development and/or assessment of performance

      computational musicology

      special educational contexts/needs


The conference will provide opportunities for colleagues to present and discuss ideas in a friendly and supportive environment, as well as to provide a meeting point for academics, scholars, teachers, and practitioners who are seeking to form connections and synergies with participants from around the world. The event will include 20 minute spoken paper presentations, poster presentations, workshops, open dialogue sessions, as well as two keynote addresses from renowned scholars (more details will become available on the SEMPRE website shortly).

Submissions for both spoken papers and posters will be structured in short-paper format (500 words, maximum) and include the following information:

1. Title

2. Submission to be considered for Paper or Poster

3. Author's full name (First, Last)

4. Author's Affiliation

5. Author's Country

6. Author's Email Address

[repeat  points 3 to 6 for each individual author]

7. Abstract

8. Keyword 1, Keyword 2, Keyword 3

9. Aims

10. Methods

11. Outcomes

12. Implications (could be combined with 'Outcomes', above)

13. Acknowledgements (only if applicable, should you need to acknowledge a funding body or other body and/or individual whose support has been vital)

14. Three key references *only* (please use the American Psychological Association-APA version 6 referencing style)


All accepted, peer refereed papers will be included in a dedicated paperback volume, under the SEMPRE Conference Series imprint, published by the International Music Education Research Centre. The volume will be fully indexed and become available on all major bookstores and retailers. All conference delegates will receive a printed copy as part of their conference registration.

Some authors will be invited to contribute expanded versions of their papers for a forthcoming edited volume by a leading publisher in the field; further details will become available online (SEMPRE website) soon.


Submissions will open on 1 September 2013, on the SEMPRE website.

The hard deadline for submissions will be 31 December 2013.


For further information, please contact:

Dr Evangelos Himonide
Institute of Education
University of London
20, Bedford Way
London WC1H 0AL
United Kingdom

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