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ISME Sistema SIG News Update #9

ISME Sistema SIG News Update #9

ISME World Conference Port Alegre, Brazil, July 20 to 25 2014. I recently reported the following key issues to the ISME board – I would welcome your thoughts and contributions on these and any other Sistema-related topic.

Key issues

·         Ensuring coherence with other aspects of ISME's organisation – commissions, forums other SIGs

·         Getting performance groups to 2014 conference

·         Getting contributions to 2014 conference 'right'

·         Developing active contributions by more people to the SIG

·         Sharing practice most effectively

·         Clarifying 'what is Sistema-inspired'

Do also let me know what you think of our presence on the ISME website

Worldwide! The Sistema Global Literature Review is underway, led by an international team of researchers who are also ISME members. Their analysis will provide a solid research foundation of what information the El Sistema-inspired field outside of Venezuela has and doesn't have. All programmes are urged to send their information including any evaluation data or instruments or aspirations to Andrea.Creech@ioe.ac.uk Don't delay; the research is underway.

Scotland: UK National Health Service to study new Sistema Scotland orchestra Sistema Scotland has just established its second Big Noise orchestra centre in the Govanhill area of Glasgow (official launch concert next month!), and we are very pleased that an NHS body called the Glasgow Centre for Population Health has decided to conduct a major piece of work on the orchestra's impact on the community.

Venezuela: In case you missed this announcement, here is the official link: Venezuela to Expand Its El Sistema Music Program - Simon Bolivar ...Venezuela to Expand Its El Sistema Music ProgramVenezuelanalysis.comThe El Sistema model has been adopted around Latin America and Europe. www.simonbolivarorchestra.com/.../venezuela-to-expand-its-el...


And this link takes you to a number of short videos, which you may find helpful: El Sistema - YouTube El Sistema, the network of Venezuelan Youth Orchestras, is an inspiration to people from ...


Finally, here is 17 mins of Maestro Abreu accepting the TED prize in 2009 The El Sistema music revolution – Jose Antonio Abreu The El Sistema music revolution – Jose Antonio Abreu. 05/30/2013. Category: 2009, Art, Culture, History, Knowledge, Music, Society, Thought, Wisdom ...


Canada: Thanks to Theodora for the following news update:  Congratulations to this year's successful CMEA/ACME research proposal applicants! http://cmea.ca/news/successful-research-proposal-applicants/

Dr. Francine Morin: University of Manitoba Understanding the impact of an El Sistema-Inspired after school orchestral music program on the academic, social and musical development of children and their community.


Dr. Valerie Peters and her research group: Universite de Laval

To gain an explicit understanding of the music teacher working conditions in Quebec. To propose collective and organizational solutions for the music teacher's everyday challenges.


'El Sistema'-inspired orchestral youth training partnership announced Vancouver Sun One of the most successful new ideas in music education is El Sistema ("The System"), an orchestral youth training initiative firmly rooted in two core ideas: That music is for everyone regardless of income and background; and that quality music ...


USA: Now there's a thought! If Sistema-inspired programmes are really social action programmes through excellence in music, how much do we reach out to our local communities? Here is one idea from the USA Five Things: El Sistema Concert, Somerville by Design in East ... Also, you've got a few days to apply for a free membership to a Union Square gym. somerville.patch.com/.../five-things-el-sistema-concert-somerv...


North America: The June issue of The Ensemble includes a lovely article from a 16-year-old reporter, writing about El Sistema-inspired learning from the students' point of view. Enjoy meeting Rodas Hailu and her student interviewees. Read it here



Richard J Hallam MBE

Chair ISME Sistema SIG 2012 to 2014

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