Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Music Culture and Music Education across the Silk Road

Last month (April 2014) the Music Educators Society of Turkey (MÜZED),
one of ISMEs INAs (Affiliated National Organization) organized a
Regional Conference, themed "Music Culture and Music Education across
the Silk Road." Held in İstanbul the overall aim of the event was
establishing a "Union of Eurasia Music Educators." MÜZEDs ambition was
to find a catalyst that might lead to an increased collaboration
between professional organizations and peoples from within Turkey and
their neighboring countries.

MÜZED hosted a rich event featuring keynotes, paper presentations, a
small market place, and some stunning music making. I was well looked
after by Uğur Alpagut, MÜZED Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Rafik
Saydam who is the current president of MÜZED.

As the representative of ISME I gave one of the keynotes speeches
entitled "Community Music as Cultural Capital: Non-formal Music
Experiences and Young People" which also included an outline of the
societies mission and the how ISME might aid MÜZED in their goals.
Ekin Çorakli, a young music educator and pianist is currently working
on a translation of the presentation in order to continue the
dialogue. Other keynotes included ISME members David Elliott and
Jiaxing Xie and one of Turkeys most important music educators Dr. Ali

Although the conference was in Turkish a simultaneous translation
service was provided which gave those of us that couldn't speak the
language access to the local issues and challenges. If you haven't
been lucky enough to visit Istanbul it is a fabulously diverse and
multicultural city that bridges Asia and Europe. It also has some of
the best seafood I have ever tasted!

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