Wednesday, 16 October 2013

MSA Student Prize - Announcement of a 2nd prize for 2013


MSA Student Prize 2013


We are happy to announce that for the joint MSA/NZMS conference, Brisbane, November 2013, a second prize to the value of $300 will be on offer, in addition to a first prize of $500.


This second prize has been kindly funded by the New Zealand Musicological Society, and eligibility for both prizes has been extended to include New Zealand as well as Australian students.


Please see the revised notification as follows.


MSA/NZMS Prizes for Student Delegates presenting at the National Conference in Brisbane, November 2013

For 2013, two cash prizes of $500 and $300 respectively will recognise excellence in the research endeavours of a student member of the Musicological Society of Australia or the New Zealand Musicological Society presenting a scholarly work at a National Conference. Submissions will be judged on their scholarly content and argument as well as their presentation.

Students are eligible to enter if they are either:

  • Studying in an Australian or New Zealand Institution of Higher Education; or
  • Australian or New Zealand citizens studying overseas.

Entrants must be financial members of the MSA or the NZMS at the time of the conference.

Entrants should supply, sent in an email:

  1. Name and contact details (home address, email, mobile);
  2. Institution and course;
  3. Contact details of your principal supervisor;
  4. Title of your paper as it has been approved by the Program Committee;
  5. A copy of the paper in Microsoft Word, RTF or PDF format attached to this email, and supporting material as may be required; Powerpoint presentations need not be submitted;
  6. The main file of your paper should include your abstract as approved by the Program Committee and a bibliography/reference list.

Deadline: Midnight EST, Monday, 11 November 2013

Entries should be sent to:
 John Phillips, MSA Awards Committee Chair, Immediate confirmation of receipt of your entry will be sent.

The Prize will be announced on the final day of the conference, Thursday, 21 November 2013. Further details will be found in the conference booklet.

For further information please see the MSA Guidelines for this Award, , noting in addition to this the following: 

1.     1. Re 4.4 of the guidelines: While leeway exists for differing presentation styles, the submitted paper should be largely the same length as the read version. Please do not submit 10,000-word research reports. Powerpoint presentations are not acceptable as submitted papers and need not be submitted in advance; they do, however, count significantly towards the marks allotted for the presentation.

2.     2. Re 4.7: Joint student-supervisor papers will not be accepted for the award. Other forms of joint authorship, such as the involvement of an indigenous presenter or an interviewee, are acceptable.

We warmly welcome student delegates to enter for these prestigious awards.

With best wishes,

John Phillips

Awards Chair

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