Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sistema-inspired Literature Review

Worldwide Literature Review of El Sistema-Inspired projects

Researchers need ALL programs to send documentation for this first
global research study.

Sistema Global has commissioned a Literature Review of Projects
Inspired by El Sistema. An international team of music education
researchers led by Dr. Andrea Creech, of the Institute of Education,
University of London. Together with colleagues from McGill University
in Canada and the Autonomous University of Chihuahua in Mexico, the
IoE researchers will be reviewing the many academic journal articles,
evaluation reports, dissertations and policy documents that have been
produced on Sistema programmes outside Venezuela in recent years.

Please send materials now; the Review is expected to be available in
July and will be widely distributed. Please send the following
information (or questions) to Andrea Creech:

The researchers are focusing on research and evaluation, so please send:

• Published research

• Unpublished research (theses and dissertations)

• Evaluation reports with evaluation instruments, if those are not
included as appendices in the report

• The researchers are also compiling a bibliography of media articles,
but will only include those in the actual review if they report
evidence (collected systematically) that has not been reported

• Finally, the researchers are also compiling an overview of
programmes that identify themselves as Sistema or Sistema-inspired.
They wish to include programmes on this list even if they do not yet
have any evaluation evidence, so they would invite programmes in that
category to send documentation that includes descriptions of what they
provide, including aims, objectives and any details about how the
programme is delivered.

Sistema Global Research Committee:

Eric Booth

Richard Hallam

Marshall Marcus

Glenn Thomas

Richard J Hallam MBE
m 07850 634 239
fax and office phone 01908 690078

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