Saturday, 9 March 2013

Webex session- Facilitating learning in small groups: interpersonal dynamics and task dimensions-Wed 13 March at 5.00 pm.

Open Seminar:

Facilitating Learning in Small Groups:
Interpersonal dynamics and task processes

Dr Andrea Creech

Wednesday 13th March 5.00 pm
Room 938, Institute of Education, University of London

part of:


The Series of Webinars for Professional Development in the Arts aims
to provide
opportunities for college students, professors, practitioners
and researchers to participate
in The Fifth Series will be now simultaneously transmitted at
the Institute of Education
(London), Veracruzana, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California,
Musics R.E.D. Group, CENIDIM-
INBA, Gettysburg College, Universidad Panamericana, Conservatorio
de Música de
Chihuahua, and Lake Forest College.

Facilitating Learning in Small Groups: Interpersonal dynamics and task processes
Small groups can be a powerful context for learning. With
the right tasks and effective
facilitation, students can learn to collaborate, explore new
ideas and build new
understandings together. This session will explore some general
principles and practices
of facilitating small groups. We will discuss issues
relating to the interpersonal and the
task dimensions of group processes. Participants in the
session will be encouraged to
consider examples from their own practice through these
theoretical lenses. Illustrative
case study examples from musical contexts will be presented.
Most musical genres
involve communication and collaboration in groups, yet there
has been little emphasis in
instrumental music pedagogy on how facilitators may most
effectively support learning in
small arts disciplines and will explore how facilitators, generally,
might maximise the potential for
creative, collaborative and effective learning in groups.

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