Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Oxford Handbook of Music Education

Edited by Gary McPherson and Graham Welch
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Music education takes place in many contexts, both
formal and informal. Be it in a school or music studio,
while making music with friends or family, or even
while travelling in a car, walking through a shopping mall or
watching television, our myriad sonic experiences accumulate
from the earliest months of life to foster our facility for making
sense of the sound worlds in which we live. The Oxford
Handbook of Music Education offers a comprehensive overview
of the many facets of musical experience, behavior and
development in relation to this diverse variety of contexts.
While the first volume primarily focuses on children during
school-age years, this second collects an international list of
contributors to explore how music learning takes place
outside of the traditional classroom environment. Discussing a
range of issues such as music education for the special needs
population, music learning in adulthood, and music learning
through media and technology these chapters help to
broaden conceptions of music and musical involvement.
Whether they are used individually or in tandem, the two
volumes of The Oxford Handbook of Music Education update
and redefine the discipline, and show how individuals across
the world learn, enjoy and share the power and uniqueness of

- Features contributors at the forefront of music education
from around the world
- Recognizes that music education occurs in many contexts,
both formal and informal
- Updates and redefines music education as a discipline
through innovative principles and approaches to music
learning and teaching

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