Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Advocacy: Children's Voices

  • "When I am happy I like to sing those songs that I like."
    Age 8 Hong Kong, China
  • "Music makes me aware of who I am. Singing and dancing is a part of my life, so to be able to sing and dance at school makes my life complete."
    Age 17 Namibia
  • "Studying music is important because it gives you a good attitude. It gives you a high goal and gives you determination to work hard."
    Age 11 Canada
  • "When I hear some lovely music I feel that I can fly."
    Age 6 Hong Kong, China
  • "Music has definitely helped me understand myself better."
    Age 15 Australia
  • "Me gusta la música porque despierta en mi diferentes sentimientos, y me gusta hacer música con otros chicos porque todos dependemos de todos sea simple o complicada la parte que haya que tocar." [I like music because it arouses in me different feelings. I like playing music with other children because we all depend on each other, no matter how simple or difficult the part we have to play can be.]
    Age 12 Argentina
  • "Music is important because it let's kids' brains flow into new experiences and learn in new ways."
    Age 9 United States of America
  • "Ich kann ohne Musik nicht leben. Musik bedeutet für mich Spaß und Action. Wenn ich sauer auf meine Eltern oder Schwester bin, dann mach ich mir Musik an und reg mich wieder ab." [I can't live without music. To me music means fun and action. When I am angry with my parents or my sister, music is able to calm me down]
    Age 13 Germany

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